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As a professional you are most likely already working from home. Make yourself visible to the international job market without leaving your home. Fill your profiles and get your i-future CV now.

As a Student you dream about the future. Get information, get connected and start planning yours
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Have you invented a brilliant solution to a problem and you just don't know how to get it out there?

Are you an entrepreur list yourself as a possible business partner or sub contractor.
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As an Employer you want to find the right person for the job - right? Qualifications before nationality. Show your qualifications as an employer on i-future.

If you are a forward thinking, open minded and creative Employer who appreciates deversity in background, knowledge, age and culture i-future is the place for you to find your people.

Is your associationin need of order? Get your own section for your members in i-future.

Is your organization looking for new ideas and partners? Find innovators and subcontractors on i-future.  

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As a Recruiter you know the world is changing and you must change with it. Get your own space on i-future to manage your accounts.

You will have access to a much larger database than you can build yourself.

On i-future you will also be able to find new clients as well as candidates and grow your your business internationally.

Don't hide in your corner. Find opportunities to co-operate with other recruiters world wide.

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