Personal information
i-future is asking only for your most essential information in order to present yourself on your CV. We advise that you read the terms, cookie and privacy policies before you agree.
Think about all the different parts of your education. One subject may be the key to your next carreer move. You probably know a lot more than you think and employers may be looking for just that.
Work experience
Listing all your previous employments is very important. However, telling your unique story is equally valueable. Take some time to find the red stread in your carreer to to help the employers and recruiters understand you. If you are an inventor or entrepreneur this where you can found by companies who need ideas or subcontractinng.
Your future
Here is where you tell employers and recruiters your work, what sort of work you are up for and not least your personal qualifications and ambitions. This will contribute to the understanding of you as their future employee.

Available jobs

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All about you
Some practical details. A drivers lisence could be your ticket to a new job. Accepting job offers and participating in polls can benefit you in the long term perspective more than you may imagine.
Country information
Here is where you find the essential information that can help you decide which country to aim for. Where are your opportunities the best and where will you feel most welcome. Spend some time to avoid costly mistakes.
My contacts
Find friends, colleagues and business contacts. Chat with them individually or start an interest group. Get advise from those who have already done what you are planning to do. Here employers and recruiters can also find you and start a recruitment process. Make a note on each contact about where you met and when you should contact them again.
Job search
Search among the job ads posted on i-future. Try new sectors that you may not have considered in the past and keep an open mind to employments that may be your path to your goal. It can be reached one step at a time. It may also give you new ideas for your own profile.